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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    1032015,65,2,pp542-566 (A&HCI)Weimin Shi
    1032015,14,2,pp275-287 (A&HCI)Weimin Shi
    1032014,41,9,pp77-99 (A&HCI)Tsai Wei-Ding
    1032014,30,pp1-33Shing-Shang Lin
    1032014,CHIA-HE TSAI
    1032014,467,pp2-9Shing-Shang Lin
    1032014,65,pp104-109YIH-HSIEN YU
    1032014,30,2,pp47-58 (Other)YIH-HSIEN YU
    1032014,pp293-314 (Other)YIH-HSIEN YU
    1032014,When "Ru-Mo" may not be "Confucians and Mohists" — The Meaning of 'Ru-Mo' and Early Intellectual Taxonomy,Oriens Extremus,53,pp111-138Ting-mien Lee
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